PARTLY FACETIOUS: That’s sexism!

“POTUS is President of the United States and FLOTUS is First Lady of the United States, so my question is if Hillary Clinton wins then there would be a need to come up with another acronym for Bill Clinton as he cannot be the First Lady and…”

“God, you are shallow! I mean given the US elections that are being held today (Tuesday) and a lot riding on that…”

“Hey, to each his own… for me FLOTUS…”

“I don’t think there is a need to change – couldn’t it be First Lord?”

“Lord is not the male equivalent of Lady – see lady is also generic while lord would imply the conferring of an award by the Queen…”

“That’s sexism! Why can’t lord be generic as well?”

“In some contexts it is, for example, good lord is an expression but you can’t refer to the First Spouse as First Lord of the United States or so I think unless the Queen of England…”

“Don’t be shallow – speaking of awards has our award winning Finance Minister…”

“Stop that! He won the award fair and square even if it was given by a magazine namely Emerging Markets that continues to ignore my emails asking for the criteria used to give him the award this year though they did write back to say they give these awards routinely and…”

“I agree, but between you and me I would give the award of Best Finance Minister award to Ishaq Dar as well.”

“Are you being facetious?”

“No good heavens no, I mean it.”

“I thought you believe he is doing a bad job by borrowing from abroad as if it’s going out of style…”

“It is going out of style for Dar – as you can see reliance on budget support from multilaterals has been declining which has promoted him to borrow from the commercial sector and…”

“So then why would you award him with the best finance minister award?”

“Because he is the finance minister today and I am not going to compare apples with oranges.”

“I don’t get you.”

“Apple is Dar and orange are all the former finance ministers and I am not going to compare the two.”

“You are being facetious, but speaking of fruits what about Banana Man?”

“Rehman Malik is not a contender for the post of Finance Minister…or at least not till now but Zardari sahib can change that if his party wins the next elections and if he so desires.”

“And that my friend is democracy a la Pakistani style.”

Source: Business Recorder