Partly Facetious: Imran’s impressive show at Parade Ground

“It was a good show by the Tehrik-i-Insaaf by any stretch of the imagination.”

“The Sharif Team led by Mian sahib does not agree – during a Cabinet meeting the Prime Minister praised the Interior Minister for converting the Islamabad Lockdown into a jalsa in a designated area.”

“I thought Maryam Nawaz was spearheading the Team Sharif, the media team…”

“Yes but Mian sahib brought his old hands forward – Saad Rafiq, Khawaja Asif…”

“Those with stay orders against a bye-election due to rigging….”

“Right Team A is no longer Musharraf’s hangers on but Mian sahib’s.”

“Good and lets call a spade a spade, a stay order is granted by the courts and…”

“Hush, do not comment on anything that could be construed as contempt of the court. Anyway the third umpire got both the sides to give in: the Sharif team to accept the Supreme Court hearings and the Khanzadehs to call off the lock down.”

“The third umpire may need a refresher course on some matters: the attack on the protesters led by Khyber Pukhtukhwa (KPK) Chief Minister was truly horrendous. A colleague was at the Swabi interchange and told me that there was a level of brutality that was very disturbing.”

“Is your colleague a Khanzadeh or a nawala?”

“I guess you are right – we were all partisan, but the images on our television screens were disturbing and by and large went against the government and this in spite of the advertisements carried at the expense of the people denigrating the Khanzadehs and praising the Team Sharif.”

“Not kosher I agree but Nawaz Sharif then proceeded to thank the entire nation for “rejecting un-parliamentary forces and politics of agitation.”

“They all purport to talk on behalf of the entire nation, not just those who voted for them. Mian sahib would be well advised to look at the coverage by the foreign media of the jalsa and need I add the reason for the jalsa notably lack of any progress on the Panama papers in general and Nawaz Sharif’s involvement in particular seven months down the line was cited again and again.”

“Indeed it was a sad day for the government….”

“Mian sahib’s modus operandi to convert the lock down into a jalsa was a reflection of his training for after all he was trained by none other than Dictator Ziaul Haq.”

“Ooohhhh that’s bad and what of the Khan?”

“Well I would recommend all nawalas to watch only the national institution and I am referring to the state owned television….”

“Hardly anything on the jalsa right!”

“Right and that is sad because those guys at the PTV are drawing salaries from the taxpayers.”

“So are FBR officials, NAB officials, FIA officials, SECP officials….”

“Facts of life my friend.”

Source: Business Recorder