Pakistan needs to become a knowledge-based society: Qasim

“Sustainability is achieved through a society which acquires its standard by being a knowledge-based society. It is vital that you not only become a good professional but a good human being also,” said Professor Dr Pirzada Qasim, Vice Chancellor, Ziauddin University at the commencement day of Batch XXII MBBS held on Friday at Ziauddin University.

“This college of medicine for which you are admitted for your professional medical educational program, is a very prominent and unique program for its deliberation, training and opportunity of learning to you and all others that are connected to Ziauddin University.” Professor Pirzada Qasim remarked.

To welcome all the students, Professor Abbas Zafar, Dean Faculty of Health Science, Ziauddin University motivated the students on their exciting journey of inquiry with the great resources of faculty that Ziauddin has to offer.

“We could not be more excited or privileged to welcome you into this vibrant learning community. It is you who make us what we are, and we look forward to the fresh ideas and energy you bring to our campus,” Professor Zafar stated.

Introduction of the continuous medical education with prestigious and renowned professors specialising in their certain departments offered in all colleges of Ziauddin has made it the motivating force for others too.

Students admitted to Ziauddin should be proud of choosing the right place, that lets students avail an extensive opportunity for learning in the field of medicine.

Earlier Mohammad Yousaf, Registrar of Ziauddin University handed over the rule of 120 fresh students of XXII Batch in the discipline of faculty of medicine. -PR

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