Pak-Afghan ties: India taking advantage of current situation: expert

Central media co-ordinator Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (N) and foreign policy expert Muhammad Mehdi said on Wednesday that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is keenly desirous to foster bilateral relations with Afghanistan believing that peace and stability in Afghanistan has positive impact on Pakistan. 

He was delivering a lecture on “Pakistan Afghanistan Relations: Implications for the Region.” organised by Punjab University’s Pakistan Study Centre.

He also said Pakistan did not inherit friendly relations with Afghanistan. Past is still haunting the nature of relationships between the two neighbouring countries.

Mehdi dispelled an impression that Pakistan government had any role in the elections of Afghanistan. During recent visit to Afghanistan, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif clarified that Pakistan did not have any favourite and it was prerogative to the people of Afghanistan to elect their leadership.

He threw light on issues regarding water distribution, Afghan migrant repatriation, border management, Taliban leadership, increasing Indian influence and Afghan trade.

Taking advantage of close relations with Afghanistan, India has planned to construct 12 water reservoirs on the river flowing from Afghanistan to Pakistan. If it happens, it may lead to trigger water crisis in Pakistan, India may succeed in pressing further Pakistan’s water resources.

He said in the wake of Turkmenistan Afghanistan Pakistan India (TAPI) and China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects, Pakistan and Afghanistan need to have peaceful friendly relationships.

Professor Dr Piotr Balcerowicz from University of Warsaw talked about the internal dynamics of political structure of Afghanistan. The inability of the central government to get hold of the whole area has diminished the chances of lasting peace in Afghanistan.

In her welcome speech, Professor Dr Massarrat Abid said that for durable peace in the region, a policy of non-interference in Afghanistan’s internal affairs can be helpful and would bring positive results for the region.

She stressed the need to understand that Pakistan-Afghanistan’s friendship is essential for a durable peace. Pakistan has always seen Afghanistan as a brother Islamic country but due to Indian influence there, she faced difficulties in achieving that goal. -Business Recorder