‘Modi can’t stop a single drop of Pakistan’s water’

WEB DESK : Minister of State for Water and Power, Chaudhry Abid Sher Ali said that, “Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will not be able to stop a single drop of Pakistan’s water.”

Talking to media, Abid Sher Ali said that the Indian Prime Minister can only make empty threats.

He said that the entire nation respects the outgoing Chief of Army Staff (COAS), General Raheel Sharif and salutes him for his exemplary services towards Pakistan.

Furthermore, Abid Sher Ali took jibes at his political opponents and stated that “Bilawal should call back his “uncle” Sharjeel Memon who is on self-imposed exile and then talk about accountability.”

“Bilawal should explain that whose millions of dollars his “aunty” Ayaan Ali was smuggling out of the country?” he questioned.

The PML-N leader was of the opinion that there have been cases of so many robberies within the country and that a model cannot earn millions of dollars.

“Where is your Tappi uncle”, Sher Ali asked while referring to Asif Ali Zardari’s close aide Owais Muzzaffar.

Abid Sher Ali further expressed that Bilawal should take the looted money back from his uncles and aunties and then later perform Umrah.

He said, “Every thief should be held accountable by the Supreme Court.”

He accused PTI leader Jahangir Tareen and Chief of Awami Muslim League (AML), Sheikh Rashid of tax evasion.

The Minister asserted that “thieves were talking about accountability.”

He revealed that mega corruption scandal, in which Babar Awan was involved, is still in courts.

Abid Sher Ali professed that owing to corruption in Nandipur Power project, the Supreme Court had to take Suo motu. He added that millions of rupees were embezzled in Nandipur project.

Abid Sher Ali questioned as to what a fraudster like Babar Awan would say in Supreme Court. He said, “It makes me laugh when Bilawal talks about corruption.” “Bilawal should start the process of accountability from his home,” the Minister said.

He commented that the tales of PPP’s corruption are in the Supreme Court.

He said, “Everyone knows how Bilawal’s elders fled the country.”

“The former president who is on self-imposed exile should come back to Pakistan and present himself for accountability”, the Minister said.

Responding to accusations levelled by Abid Sher Ali, the PPP spokesman in a statement said that, “Chaudhry Sher Ali has dubbed the members of PML-N as thieves and murderers.”

“Abid Sher Ali should decide whether his father was lying or speaking the truth?” he said.

The spokesman also said that Abid Sher Ali should focus on politics instead of clownery.

“The comments of punsters cannot hide the corruption of the Sharif Family”, the spokesman said adding that, “The Panama Papers was the biggest corruption case of the world.”

It is pertinent to mention here that earlier this month; Bilawal had said that in the Panama case the PPP wants “democratic accountability.” -NNI