LHC orders removal of Ali Moosa Gillani’s name from ECL

Lahore: Lahore High Court orders to remove former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani’s son name from Exit Control List, Aaj News reported. 

Justice Shams Mehmood Mirza heard the application of Ali Moosa Gillani whose lawyer claimed on the behest of the government Ali’s name was added in to ephedrine case.

The lawyer also said that his client was unable to attend to many business meetings due to his name in ECL.  The case was filed in 2010, and Ali’s name was out in ECL a year later.

His lawyer also pleads to the court, that despite many applications filed with the interior ministry, his name was not removed from the ECL.

Gillani’s lawyer also informed the court that his client is accused of ephedrine smuggling which bought the country in bad light.

Lahore High Court ordered the removal of Ali’s name from ECL list after brief hearing.