Indian belligerence is a threat to regional peace: Sartaj Aziz

Advisor on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz on Friday says that Pakistan has urged the permanent members of the UN Security Council to play their crucial role in maintaining global peace and security by putting an end to the Indian jingoism.

Aziz said that the Indian belligerence is a threat to the regional peace and security, and can lead to a strategic miscalculation, which will be disastrous for the region.

He strongly condemned the reprehensible attack on the civilian bus in the Neelum Valley on Wednesday in complete violation of the 2003 Ceasefire Understanding and international law.

He pointed out that the Indian occupation forces also targeted the ambulances that had come to rescue the injured people from the site of the attack.

The deliberate targeting of civilian populated areas is condemnable and deplorable and must be investigated, says Aziz.

FO Adviser referred to persistent ceasefire violations by India, especially during the last two months, resulting in the loss of more than forty-five innocent civilian lives and injuries to more than 139 others at the LoC and WB in an effort to divert international attention from the continuing human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir.

The Adviser has also addressed letters to the Foreign Ministers of the permanent members of the UN Security Council, on the escalation at the LoC and Indian ceasefire violations. Copies of these letters were also handed over to the heads of Missions.

India deliberately targeting civilian population

Sartaj Aziz said India is escalating up the situation on the LoC to divert the attention from its atrocities in Occupied Kashmir. He said the India attack on passenger bus and ambulance was the most regrettable incident contrary to all norms and principles.

He said Pakistan has written letters to the Foreign Ministers of P-5 countries to enlighten them about the Indian aggression on the civilians. He said Pakistan has never targeted civilians but the Indian sides is deliberately targeting them to escalate the situation.

On the diplomatic front, the Adviser said Pakistan is forcefully raising the Kashmir dispute at all interNational forums. He said Pakistan will continue to support the Kashmiris right to self-determination which is totally indigenous in nature and led by the Kashmiri youth.

Aziz, however, said that Pakistan will continue to pursue the policy of peaceful neighborhood. We are ready for dialogue with India on the condition that Kashmir dispute is also included in it, assures Aziz