Imran says Panama case to change country’s destiny

Chairman, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan, on Thursday showered praise on the Supreme Court, saying the way apex court is conducting the proceedings of Panama leaks case, it will certainly change the destiny of the country.

Talking to journalists at his sprawling Bani Gala residence, Imran alleged that after a long struggle, a corrupt chief executive of the country has been dragged to the court where he was being grilled to reveal the secrets of his assets stashed abroad.

“I’m so glad about proceedings of the apex court in Panama Leaks case [involving the family of the Prime Minister] [and] I’m sure we’ll get justice,” he added.

He also made it clear that boycott of the joint sitting of the Parliament has nothing to do with the Turkish President, as the party did not attend the joint session because the Prime Minister of the country is facing corruption charges.

“Our boycott was in protest against legitimacy of the Prime Minister who has lost moral ground to rule the country after Panama Leaks exposed his money laundering, concealment of assets…he [Nawaz Sharif] has also misled the nation about his assets,” he added.

The PTI Chairman said that it is good to see that the court was trying to hear without any delay, adding that it is a case which can change the destiny of the nation, as rulers, according to him, are not ready to take any measure against the menace of corruption because they themselves are involved in it.

He said that contradictory statements made by the Prime Minister on different occasions show how the Sharif family managed to buy such huge property abroad.

He said that the court has also noticed the contradictions in statements made by the Sharif family. To a question, he said that it was too early to draw a conclusion regarding the outcome of the case.

Imran said that statement by Qatari prince has added new aspects to the case for which more time and attention is required to get to the bottom. He regretted that in developed democracies, ministers defend government policies, but in Sharif administration, they are busy saving his (Sharif’s) skin.

The Chairman PTI categorically rejected the government’s propaganda over boycotting the joint sitting of the Parliament, stating that relations between Pakistan and Turkey are deep rooted and people of the two countries have been linked through an unbreakable bond even before the inception of Pakistan.

The only purpose behind moving away from the Parliament, he explained, was to reinforce that Nawaz Sharif lacks legitimacy to keep functioning as the chief executives of the country after being caught red-handed in a range of offences.

In addition, the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as well as their representatives are enraged over brutalities unleashed by the federal government on the KPK Chief Minister, his cabinet and their peaceful associates on October 31. To a question regarding his upcoming visit to the UK, he said that it was a private trip and he was going to see his children.

-Business Recorder