Heavy smog engulfs Punjab, claimed 20 lives

LAHORE: As winter seeps in so does the eye blinding smog in Punjab, as citizens felt difficulties to see causing accidents while travelling in various parts of the province. People further complained of sore eyes due to the heavy spell of smog which has continued since yesterday.

As per media reports, the heavy smog is the result of changes in climate, while provincial authorities have advised people to travel carefully. Smog has caused a total 610 road accidents in all 36 districts of Punjab during the last 24 hours, killing 20 people and leaving another 506 wounded.

According to local media report, Director of Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) Mohammad Haneef has directed the locals to take precautionary measures as the spell of smog would last for few more days.

PMD official said that he has never seen such level of smog in the history of Pakistan.

Whereas, the government of Punjab is proposing to shut down schools as smog gripped parts of the province, prompting health fears and causing road accidents.

On the other hand, the M2 motorway from Lahore to Sial More and Rawalpindi to Faisalabad was shut down due to zero visibility.

Health experts have recommended that children and the elderly should take extra care to protect them from smog. Residents are advised to cover their faces with masks while going out. In case of sore eyes, they should wash them with fresh and cold water.

Source: Business Recorder