Google event ‘DevFest’ to begin in Karachi from Friday

KARACHI: Just like Eric Schmidt introduced the breakthrough Android platform to the world, an aspiring individual, Eric Bhatti, is planning to introduce the real face of Google Developer Groups (GDG) to Pakistan.

The GDG, present in more than 100 countries worldwide, aims to bring the IT professionals together to promote learning Google and its tools.

With the concept of establishing an association of professionals under the umbrella of GDG Karachi, the Eric from Pakistan is organizing DevFest Karachi 2016 with the support from Google, sponsorships from various organizations in Karachi and the collaboration of students from Iqra University.

The GDG Karachi is one of the 571 chapters of GDG around the globe and with the mega event of DevFest Karachi 2016, Eric plans to revitalize the integration amongst professionals so that they may start giving back to the open source community through Stack Overflow, Github and other platforms.

The biggest Google event in Karachi will gather nearly 400 coders and developers for two days where they can prowess their skills and talents while discussing new ideas and updates on existing and emerging technologies.

With a concept of taking the GDG activities in Karachi to a whole new level, Eric aims to give back to the gild of software engineer associations around the globe.

The conference will include events like tech-talks on Web, Android and Cloud, motivational Tech Talks from Karachi’s finest, codelabs, and other series of events to impart awareness of Google tools

In addition, one of the best ways of networking with industry influencers are world class technology conferences. The networking helps tech experts in advancing their careers, but most of all, it gives them the chance to get inspired and energized.

GDG DevFest Karachi 2016 will be a legendary and gigantic event, bringing brains together from each age bracket of a tech career. So it doesn’t matter if you are not a coder or a developer, come hither and get inspired.— Syed Wajid Rizvi