Five optical illusions that will leave you stunned and confused

 Rotating Squares: Scan back and forth across the image you will notice that the squares begin to rotate. As soon as your eyes stop moving, however, rotation will cease.


Up and Down

Up and Down: Although it is obvious that the pillars are staying in the same horizontal position, our brain is convinced that they should be moving to the right.


Lilac Chaser

Lilac Chaser: Also known as the pac-man illusion, if you stare at the center cross for a couple seconds you will begin to perceive a green disco going around the circle of magenta discs. After a few more seconds the magenta discs will gradually begin to fade away until all you see a green disc going in a circle around the cross (if you’re having trouble seeing it move closer to the screen).


Static Motion

Static Motion: No, this is not an animated GIF. The image really is static. Notice that when you look at any individual point dead on, it will stop moving.


Scintillating Grid

Scintillating Grid: This is a variation of the Hermann Grid where black dots appear and disappear at the intersections of the gray lines. Interestingly enough, if you cock your head at a 45 degree angle the effect is reduced (but not eliminated).