Evaluation of plants completed: loadshedding not to be over by 2018

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) has completed the performance evaluation of power sector plants and transmission system and reached the conclusion that loadshedding will not be completely eliminated by 2018 as was promised by the Prime Minister due to weak and an unpredictable system. 

Nepra in its report has also observed that the national exchequer has already been inflicted a financial loss of Rs 16 billion due to negligence of National Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC.

Most of developmental works of NTDC are delayed, the report added. Commitment charges are being paid due to delay in execution of projects.

Total of 3.385 million US dollars have been paid by NTDC in respect of commitment charges. This is a drain on the public exchequer.

The projects which are already delayed from their contractual completion date are; (i) 220 kV Chishtian grid station along with associated T/Line; (ii) 220 kV Vehari grid station extension; (iii) 220 kV Gujrat grid station; (iv) 500 kV New Lahore grid station; (v) Associated transmission lines for 500 kV New Lahore grid station and 220 kV Gujrat grid station; (vi) 500 kV Rahim Yar Khan grid station and associated transmission line; (vii) 500 kV Shikarpur grid station and associated transmission line ;(viii) 220 kV Dera Murad Jamali grid station and associated transmission line and ;(ix) installation of Static Var Compensators at 220 kV New Kot Lakhpat grid station.

According to Nepra this practice of extending the due date of commissioning of projects of national interest must be discouraged. System constraints are posing serious threats to the system’s reliability.

National Power Control Center (NPCC) up gradation project has been mishandled by NTDC. The SCADA project at the moment is short of at least 41 to 51 Remote Terminal Units (RTUs). SCADA system with existing number of RTUs seems insufficient for real time monitoring of power system or proper load flow studies at NPCC.

The interconnection arrangements for above mentioned power generation projects are behind schedule and cannot be commissioned before the expected commissioning of power houses.

The regulator further observed that interim arrangement for Jhimpir & Gharo wind clusters which is expected to be commissioned by March 2016 is not be ample time to evacuate almost 500 MW of power from wind power plants that are expected to be commissioned by July 2016.

Moreover the completion of interim arrangement by March 2016 is also not visible. Commissioning of 500 kV Shikarpur grid station seems to be delayed from expected completion date of March 2016.

The system reliability will continue to persist this winter due to absence of 500 kV Shikarpur grid station. A system needs to be developed to assess the monetary loss incurred due to each and every tripping/fault in 220 & 500 kV network.

Five 220 kV transmission lines of NTDC are overloaded. NTDC has no specific plans for reduction of transmission losses. The metering system at Common Delivery Points (CDPs) cannot be considered fully secure. Fault recorders are out of order at almost all grid stations of NTDC.

-Business Recorder