Do you know there is a fake Google out there

The Next Web (world’s largest online publications) was suspicious about one of the domains in the Google Analytics for its site a few weeks ago: a piece of spam that was telling them to vote for Donald Trump. That in and of itself wasn’t weird, but the domain was: ɢ (warning: Do not go to this URL).

The difference between that URL and the real was the capital G in the Google domain whereas the spammer were using a smaller than usual ɢ.

This smaller capital letter G is actually a Unicode character for the Latin small-capital ɢ. Spammy domains often use characters that look like “normal” ones to capitalize on the small-but-significant number of users who will click or type the domain unwittingly.

Apparently the spammer had popped up in the Analytics pages of a variety of websites. According to Analytics Edge, the goal of these spammers is to create fake traffic that will serve as clickbait for these web page owners. Given the possibility of malware, visiting a site like this can be extremely dangerous  and risky.

Google Analytics has instructions of how to get rid of this spammer specifically. And although the site is undeniably garbage, you have to give the creator of spam credit for the creative URL.

Story courtesy- mashable