Chinese company to help in cleaning Karachi

The Chinese company will now help clean our streets. An electrical sweeping machine, dumpsters and heavy machinery have reached a Chinese Port from where it will be transported to Karachi.

The trucks have names of the areas of the city printed on them along with a slogan “Let’s join hands for a clean and healthy Sindh”. Sindh Local Bodies Minister Jam Khan Shoro said that these trucks and machinery would reach Karachi soon.

In its first phase district South and East will be targeted. In both districts the Chinese company will go house to house to collect garbage free of cost, he said. In the next phase 200 Chinese will work in the city to keep it clean. Local municipal workers will also assist them.

According to Solid Waste Management MD, workers will be seen cleaning the city. An agreement has been signed between a Chinese company and Sindh Solid Waste Management to clean the city.

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