Bump in the road: Yuvraj’s father not to attend his wedding

WEB DESK: India’s once main man, Yuvraj Singh, and long time girlfriend, Hazel Keech are all set to tie the knot in early December. However, the left-handed all-rounder now have the first bump in the road, as his father Yovraj Singh has excused himself from attending his son’s traditional wedding, reports Hindustan Times.

“It is my misfortune that I will not be attending the traditional wedding of my son … I had told Yuvraj’s mother that I will not attend the wedding if it is solemnized at any guru or dera sect or involves any religious guru. It’s destiny, I will not go. I only believe in God and not religious gurus,” Yograj said.

“I won’t even go to the house of my father uninvited. But I will attend the mehndi function at Hotel Lalit on November 29. I was invited with respect by my son and my name is printed on the invites. I will go there as my son wants me to be there,” he said.

Yuvraj’s father, Yovraj made it clear that he will only be attending his son’s Mehendi ceremony which is scheduled on November 29th, and will not be present in the main events which will be held in early December.

He also believes that people should not spend so much on weddings, but has decided to keep mum, since Yuvraj’s parents go divorced years ago, and it is Yuvraj’s mother decision to look after the marriage,

“I feel when women take over, men should just shut up and take the backseat. Yuvraj’s mother Shabnam has a lot of money and it is her choice how she organizes the wedding, but she should spend carefully,” he said.

Despite the differences with his ex-wife, Yovraj is all praises for his future daughter in law, whom he considers an angel.

“Even though she has been brought up in a western culture, she is rooted and gives a lot of importance to values and traditions. I know she will bring a positive change in the family and bring the brothers and sisters close to each other. Yuvraj and Hazel are like parents to their younger brother and sisters,” he said.