Army deployed at Islamabad interchange

Army personnel have been deployed at Islamabad interchange in aid of civil law enforcement agencies. Sources revealed that army troops will act as a rapid response force to avert any possible attack. However, army will not engage itself in a “head on” with public, sources maintained.

Sources further said that key installations in the federal capital will remain under army’s control for the next three months.

The government has also submitted a requisition for military helicopters to monitor PTI’s march towards Islamabad, sources said.

Following a request by Chief Commissioner Islamabad, Ministry of Interior issued a notification extending the stay of 350 military troops in the capital under Article 245 of the Constitution – from September 3, 2016 to December 3, 2016.

Sources said the government had already extended the stay of 1,500 Rangers and 350 Gilgit-Baltistan Scouts’ for three months in the city.

-Business Recorder