Afghan Vice President Dostum beats and kidnaps rival?

Kabul :  Afghan Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostum beat up and kidnapped a rival during a sports tournament in northern Afghanistan, the New York Times reported late Sunday.

According to the report, the incident happened during a Buzkashi tournament held in Afghanistan’s northern Jowzjan province, home of first vice president Dostum, Friday, ? In Buzkashi which is a traditional Afghan game, two or more groups of players on horseback fight over a headless goat carcass.

The kidnapped man, Ahmed Ishchi, is a politician from Dostum’s own Junbesh party. According to the article, he had criticized Dostum.

“It is a matter out of our jurisdiction – only the presidentical palace can solve this,” Rahmatullah Turkistani, the police chief for Jowzjan province, told dpa. Dostum, a warlord who has been accused of severe human rights violations, has of late been increasingly unhappy with the Afghan unity government of President Asharf Ghani and government leader Abdullah .

He accused president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani of limiting his authorities and not taking him seriously. The brawl happened seems to have happened shortly after another outburt against President Ghani.

Hundreds of demonstrators demanded the liberation of the kidnapped man on Sunday in front of the house of Dostum in the city of Sheberghan in northern Afghan province Jowzjan. -DPA