‘We will show Nawaz what democracy is’ ; Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan on Saturday said that it was just a net practice in Rawalpindi,  we will show the prime minister what democracy really is on Nov 2, Aaj News reported.

PTI chief came out from his residence Bani gala and met party workers who spent the night in front of his residence. 

Khan reached Pakistan chowk along with his party workers. Imran said while addressing the media and his supporters in Bani Gala, “We will show Nawaz what democracy is”. He also advised PTI workers to travel in large groups in order to avoid arrest. There was just a net practise in Rawalpindi, we will play our final match on Nov 2, he added.

“If you arrive in small numbers, the police will put you in jail. Avoid being arrested until November 2,” he said.

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Earlier on Friday, PTI chairman made it crystal clear to the government that he would not stop chasing Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif unless the latter presents himself for accountability.

Imran said that he will tell the government during the Islamabad protest what the power of people actually is. PTI chief said that although Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif chants the mantra of democracy, he does that just to safeguard his corruption, adding ‘the cronies who stand by him [Sharif] know that if Nawaz Sharif is arrested, they will also be sent to prison as they are also corrupts’.