Saif comes out in support of exchange of talents across borders

WEB DESK: Saif Ali Khan is full of joys these days about upcoming fatherhood, and is all about family right now. But when asked about how he feels regards to threaten Pakistani actors, and if the talent exchange should be encouraged, instead of threatening to eradicate it completely, he said had a fitting reply. 

Talking to, Saif said, “It should be encouraged. The world is open to our film industry and our film industry is open to talents from around the world especially cross border. We are artists who talk about love and peace.”


Saif, however, indicated the final word on the matter should rest only and only with the government. “The government has to decide these things. The government must make decisions about law and order and who is allowed and who isn’t,” averred Saif.

Just recently Bollywood maestro, producer and director Karan Johar supported Pakistani artists by saying that banning the artists across the border is not a solution.

“If this was truly a solution, one would take it,” the director told a news channel.“But this is not a solution. I don’t believe it is. The larger forces have to come together and sort the situation and this cannot be banning talent or art,” Johar had said in a TV channel interview.