Pakistan using refugees as pressure tool, accuses Ghani

Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani says that Pakistan has always given promises to restoration of peace and stability in the country, but the country has not yet taken any practical steps to prove their stance.

“Pakistan wants to exert pressures through Afghan refugees, but we are prepared to accept them and has already taken the steps to provide them accommodations,” the president said while talking to UK’s special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan Owen Jenkins.

Ghani added, “Afghan refugees are tired of Pakistan’s act and the country’s treatment against them and willing to return back to their country. Therefore International community’s co-operation is important to accomplish the process in proper manner.”

Ghani said that Afghanistan is no longer a dry land, but has been connected to major transit hubs, adding Pakistan has not allowed Afghan goods to pass Wagah port and therefore Afghanistan will also not allow the neighbouring country to have its product reach to central Asian countries through the country’s transit ways.

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