Opinion: Zardari sahib introduced this trend

“I want to pass a resolution in the assembly.”

“And you need to give credit to Asif Ali Zardari.”

“I don’t get you.”

“Zardari sahib began this trend – this trend of passing resolutions. When he wanted support for any of his actions – past, present and future – he would direct his Zardis to pass a resolution in the national as well as in as many provincial assemblies as he controlled with his allies. He did not like something or thought that the powers that be didn’t like something he would instruct his Zardis to pass a resolution.”


“That’s the farsightedness of the man! He was behind the passage of resolutions that seemingly had nothing to do with the then present.”

“Don’t be facetious, besides the gentleman has been sitting out of the country for more than a year so let him be…”

“Right, but what resolution do you want passed? The MQM, breakaways or the non breakaways, are tabling a resolution…”

“Not that! I would like a resolution passed against ending all autonomous offices whose appointments are made by the leader of the House and leader of the Opposition and whose tenure is constitutionally protected.”

“Why? The constitutional protection gives the appointee job security so he can exercise his powers without fear of reprisals. Granted that the Supreme Court is giving a tough time to the Chairman National Accountability Bureau for going after the small thieves and leaving the big thieves alone but maybe that’s all he can see you know. I mean I am not tall so I can’t sit behind a tall person in a movie theatre and…”

“That’s not why I want these autonomous offices done away with.”

“Why then?”

“These jobs are lethal for the back.”

“I still don’t get you.”

“Backbone, my friend. Look at the Dar appointee Wathra: his back is so bent out of shape these days that he needs to proceed on medical leave at once.”

“Just because he stands by Dar-led PBS’s data that is not rationalised with the government’s own primary data sources?”

“And subtracts private sector borrowings from the total liabilities of the country while adds on the private sector foreign exchange held in commercial banks to show reserves higher than is in fact the case?”

“You reckon it’s the back rather than Dar sahib’s spleen.”

“You are being facetious.”

Source: Business Recorder