Karan Johar, Akshay Kumar support Pakistani actors

WEB DESK: After direct threats to the Pakistani actors across the border, many Bollywood celebrities have stepped up for Pakistani actors, promoting peace and notion that making actors leave the country is not a solution for the tension-ridden neighbors.

Giving an interview to a journalist in India, Karan Johar stuck up for Fawad and many others, saying that he condemns the attack but this course of action is said to be unnecessary.

“I feel my heart bleeds for the lost lives, there is nothing that justify this terrible feeling of terror,” he told journalist Barkha Dutt. “Telling Fawad to pack up and leave isn’t a solution. Today if my film is being targeted because of this it will make me exceptionally sad. Banning art or artists isn’t a solution.”

Karan added, “I feel the pain the anger as an Indian citizen. My intent was to always put out a creative product of love and nothing else.”

When asked how he wishes to combat the current situation, he said, “I am a vulnerable soft target. I have combated that with various films. We make movies, we are a creative industry, please leave us alone. We don’t matter in this scheme of things.”

Akshay Kumar has too supported the presence of Pakistani artists in the Indian entertainment industry. He stated, that there’s no way that he’s going to support extremist political parties asking Pakistani artists to leave his country.

He further commented that, ‘Pakistani artists have bought diversity, From their powerful dialogue delivery to incredible music talent’.

He extended his support to Fawad Khan and other Pakistani actors and comedian/artists as well stating that they have played significant role in shaping Bollywood.

I believe politics and entertainment are two different things. Now that everything is digital, People love to watch every entertainment show. So, art and entertainment have no boundaries, It is evaluated by what common people wants to watch.