Indus Water treaty, Pak approaches World bank

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan approached World bank regarding Indus water agreement today on Wednesday, Aaj News reported. 

According to the reports, India is trying to distract world from Kashmir issue and Pakistan has showed its concern over the recent tensions.

Reports further revealed that Attorney General Ashtar Ausaf met world bank officials in US and requested them to approve a resolution regarding Indus Water agreement as Pakistan’s opinion on the issue is according to the international law. If India went against agreement, consequences would be harsh.

In an Arbitration court, Pakistan would have 5 judges and they will be obliged to look into the matter thoroughly and 2 judges have been finalized up til now. World bank would take decision after analyzing opinions from both countries reportedly.

Previously, Minister of Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz explained a policy in National Assembly regarding agreement and said,”If India impede Pakistan’s water, it would be considered as indication of war”.