What is Mawra up to now?

WEB DESK: After her not so famous Bollywood debut, Mawra refuses to back down from giving it another go. On talking about his future plans, she is booked with many other projects and we could not be more excited!

“I’m doing a film, and a drama in Pakistan. For my role in the drama, it is set in Sindhi background, but I can’t share more! However, my role in the film is very crackling and all things fire, but as you know we aren’t supposed to reveal before the two go on shoot,” Hocane said.

Disclosing only a few details about her upcoming project, and the cast and crew she is working with, the actress added,

“I’m working with seasoned and learned directors of our fraternity and can’t wait for them to make the announcements. The cast for both will come as a surprise as I haven’t worked with any of the lead boys before.”

While the rumour mills were abuzz about the diva signing up a film, Hocane confirmed that not only has she signed up a film, but a drama as well.

“It always feels different to be working on new project regardless of Bollywood. It’s your experience, that makes you feel different and I hope to bring something new to the table owing to my experience. The idea is to keep working hard and entertain the audience with whatever little I learn everyday,” Hocane explained.

More to come from the younger Hocane and we can hardly contain our excitement.