Why everybody changes around Rubina Ashraf

WEB DESK:Rubina Ashraf, the Pakistani drama actress, who was famous for her role in an old classic, “Pas’e Aaena”, appeared recently in a Ramadan transmission on a local television.

The show was on the usual pattern as others, but Rubina Ashraf shared something unusual in her discussion with the host.

Ashraf talked about herself and discussed some interesting details. Foremost, it was about her sever case of punctuality. Yes, this actress who is also a graphic designer, originally is very time oriented.

Apparently everybody changes around her. She exclaimed about her punctuality, “When I’m around, the lunch is never late, nor is anything else”. Seems like having her on board keeps people in check.

She chuckled at that particular comment and that wherever she goes, “People are like, okay, here’s Rubina, gotta be upbeat about the time.”


Rubina Ashraf also shared her views about film industry.