Terrorist can not demoralize Pakistan, says Nisar

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Interior, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Monday said Pakistan was winning war against terrorism but to take it to logical conclusion, the country has to win on psychological front.

“The war has not finished and we have to make an agenda and create a narrative which motivates the nation against terrorism.

The nation should not lose hope as it is time of despondency for terrorists,” he said while addressing a press conference.

The Minister, who held meetings in Karachi relating to security and law and order situation, said, “We should not be part of game plan of terrorists. Terrorists are in despair. They are trying to divide, dishearten people and focusing soft targets to demoralize the nation,” he said.

Chaudhry Nisar said Pakistan is among nations which has a success story against terrorism and added due to sacrifices of army and security agencies in last one and a half year, the situation has considerably improved in Pakistan and this fact is not only recognized in Pakistan but also at the international  level.

He said 490 armed forces personnel lost their lives in the terrorist operations.

According to a United States Country report, 45 percent decrease has been witnessed in incidents of terrorism in the country, 39 percent reduction in deaths related to terrorism and 53 reduction in injured cases related to terrorism as compared to last year.

The situation has further improved in six months of this year, he added.

He said despite improvement in the situation, incidents like murder of Amjad Sabri and kidnapping of son of Chief Justice of Sindh High Court erases performance of the past.

“What happened to son of Chief Justice SHC and family of Amjad Sabari was unfortunate. These incidents are condemnable and unfortunate. Not only the affected families but every Pakistani feels pain of it,” he said.

The Minister said when the present government took over in 2013 five to six bomb explosions were taking place every day. Army’s General Headquarters and naval and air force bases were attacked. Attacks were carried out in Islamabad in which hundreds of people were killed.

Now an incident takes places in months and the space has been reduced for terrorists, he added. Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said after Orlando shooting, all American nation was united in mourning and to counter terrorism.

The Pakistani nation has to be united against the kidnapping of son of Chief Justice Sindh High Court, he said, adding the two incidents in Karachi are challenge for security agencies.

He said security agencies will reach murderers of Amjad Sabri and kidnappers of the son of Chief Justice SHC.

The Minister said issue of terrorism should not be politicized as it lowers morale of the security forces, adding a message of steadfastness and strength should be sent.

Nisar said the government would engage media after Eid to build a narrative against terrorism.

He urged the social media to play a positive role and unite the nation against terrorism.

“A section of social media has played a negative role.  Every rumour at social media becomes news and we never know whether RAW or other terrorists are involved in spreading it.”

The Minister said the country is facing an enemy which is hidden among the population and many of these terrorists are educated.

The enemy is not in front of us and the rules of the game are tilted against the armed forces, he said, adding there were many hurdles in the way of security agencies because of law, problems of evidence and division of authority among federal and provincial governments.

He said police had an important role against terrorism although it was understaffed and under equipped.

The minister said now as there was a better situation in the country the Interior Ministry has decided to make its police available for UN peacekeeping role.

The United Nations is being formally informed that Pakistan will meet 50 per cent of its quota of police for peacekeeping operations, he added.

He said according to global violence index for mega cities, Karachi was at number six but today it is at 32nd number. At present, the terrorists are hitting soft targets.

To a question about his meeting with Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) AJK, he said army would be deployed on the Election Day in AJK on the request of CEC to make the voting process transparent.

Army and Rangers are already committed in FATA and other areas and for activities against impending floods, he mentioned.

To a question about providing security to artists, he said it was responsibility of the government to provide security to its citizens.

However, he said, it would not be possible to deploy a policeman with every person. -APP