Smartwatch makers Pebble introducing three new devices

Smartwatch market pioneers Pebble are introducing three new devices that demonstrate how you can manage without any smartphone at all while getting most of a phone’s benefits. All are set for release early next year Pebble Core, which starts at 69 dollars (about 62 euros), is aimed at runners.

It is a small square resembling the iPod Shuffle and can be attached to the user’s clothing. It can play music from Spotify while also featuring GPS, voice notifications, contact to emergency services and 4 GB of memory.

Pebble manager Benjmain Bryant told dpa that the company hopes other companies will start creating apps for the Pebble Core once it gains traction.

Pebble will also bring out two new models of its smartwatch. Pebble 2 is a sporting watch with a built-in heart rate monitor with a high contrast display and microphone for voice replies. The Pebble 2 comes in five colours and is water resistant to 30 metres and has a battery life of seven days. It will cost 99 dollars.

Pebble Time 2 is described as a premium smartwatch for active professionals.

Coming in three different colour finishes, the Time 2’s display is 53 per cent larger than the original and the battery life is 10 days. It also has a microphone and heart-rate monitor and features an upgraded version of Pebble Health. Pebble Time 2 will be available for 169 dollars.

All three devices are being offered on Kick-starter, the financing platform on which Pebble raised over 10 million dollars (nearly 9 million euros) for its first computer watch 4 years ago.

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