Sarwar wants introduction of anti-women burning law

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar has urged the government to introduce legislation for punishing those setting women on fire.

The Punjab-based party man and a former governor, talking to different delegations in his office on Thursday, condemned the brutal incidents of burning in the province and blamed the cavalier attitude of governing party ministers for threatening the democracy.

“The claim to end power outages and inflation has only proved to be a fake drama. The increase in the prices of cereals and beverage and unavailability of cooking oils and the availability of expired ones in Ramazan bazaars are the manifestation of the rulers’ incompetence,” he said.

He also talked about increase in violence against women in the Punjab, urging the federal and provincial governments to formulate strict laws and legislation by making death penalty the least punishment.

“The government and the writ of state have vanished from the whole province. The civil society must play its role in eradicating violence against women by spreading awareness,” he added.

He said development and evolution of democracy in Pakistan was impossible under the present environment of abuse and malpractices being articulated by government ministers. “Unlike democratic societies, ministers in Pakistan aren’t able to abide by the democratic and institutional customs practiced in democracies,” he said. –Business Recorder