Salma Agha gets Indian Visa for life

WEB DESK: Pakistani-British singer and actress, Salma Agha will be receiving an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card, sources reported.

The card will offer Ms. Agha to get multiple entries, multi-purpose life-long visa to visit India and exemption from reporting to police.

A senior Home Ministry official said: “We have decided to grant Salma Agha the OCI card after following the due procedure.”

The Nikaah actress also met Home Minister Rajnath Singh, as the Home Ministry took the decision to grant her OCI card, to express her gratitude for the gesture.

The 59-year-old artist is a citizen of United Kingdom. She had applied for the OCI card a few days ago and her application was approved after taking into consideration various aspects, officials said.

As per rules, a foreign national who is a child, grandchild or a great grandchild of Indian citizen is eligible for registration as OCI card holder. There are few other conditions to get OCI card.

However, no person, who or either of whose parents, grandparents or great grandparents is or had been a citizen of Pakistan and Bangladesh shall be eligible for registration as an OCI card holder.

Agha, in her request, claimed that though she was born in Pakistan, she is a British citizen and hence, her request should be looked into. Among others who have been staying in India and working on employment visa are Katrina Kaif (UK citizen), Deepti Naval (US citizen) and Yana Gupta (Czech citizen).

She added that she receives a lot of love and adulation from India, adding that she could have become Indian citizen anytime as her forefathers hail from Punjab’s Amritsar city.