Remembering King of Pop

WEB DESK: It has been seven years since the king of pop Micheal Jackson laid to eternal rest. He had spent glorious years of fame and success. His music and dance is still popular among his fans worldwide.

King of pop Micheal Jackson reached to highest level of success at very young age. He stepped in music industry at the age of five. After joining Jackson five, in 1964, he rocked the world with his unforgettable pop music.

His success did not stop there, after releasing his first solo album “Off the wall”, he become even more famous and released block buster album “Thriller” in 1982 which gained him the tittle of “King of Pop”.

Jackson’s craziest dance moves gained him popularity too. His life is not less than a roller coaster ride as he had gained popularity worldwide, faced shocking scandals, financial and health issues.

On June, 25, 2009, the legendary singer, King of Pop, phenomenal dancer left the world and left his fans in severe grief. He took music to next level. His lyrics left his fans wanting more. Since his debut to music industry till today, Jackson is still loved by many and his music is still as liked as it was in his life time.