Ramadan; be patient and control your anger

WEB DESK: Ramadan is considered to be the month of blessings for everyone, also it teaches us to remain calm but unfortunately people do not take any advantage from this month.

The message of Ramadan is to be patient but people break into fights and easily lose their temper and for very petty things. They started to use obscene language for each other although it is clearly known to everyone that using obscene language is prohibited in Islam and especially it is very important to not hurt anyone by your behavior.

The behavior is due to hunger and the lack of sleep. As some people cannot tolerate hunger, combined with the fact that Ramadan has been in hot conditions for last couple of years ,the finest thing is to avoid the conflict by simply avoid high tempered person and try to keep yourself away from them.

According to a Hadith, “to worship Allah as though you are seeing Him, and while you see Him not yet — truly He sees you” (Al-Bukhari).

By keeping this in mind ,and remember that whatever we are doing ,Allah is always looking at us and we shall not be forgiven if we hurt someone by our tongue in the moment of anger.

In order to control your temper you need to concentrate over the words of prayers, it will relax your mind and will control your temper. Also try to change your position, you should sit down and take a deep breath, the physical motion reduces rising flames in mind.

Once a young man approached the Prophet Muhammad and asked him for some advice. The Prophet replied, “Do not become angry,” and he repeated this three times. On another occasion the Prophet asked his companions, “Do you know who the strong person is?” His companions replied, “The one who is able to wrestle others down.” The Prophet responded, “No, it is the one who is able to control their anger.”– Business Recorder