Rains severely hit Eid shopping

Continuing heavy rain has severely hit the Eid shopping while trade activities in the wholesale and retail commodity markets also remained flat owing to a small number of buyers. 

With less than 9 days left for Eid, rain, which set in since Tuesday evening, disrupted normal life of Karachiites, particularly Eid shoppers.

Last-days’ Eid shoppers have their own enjoyment but rain has brought the city to a virtual standstill with clogged roads leading to traffic snarls and affecting free movement in the business areas.

Traders said that they had been witnessing decline in sales for the last two days as many customers had been reluctant to visit the markets from Tuesday evening after the rains hit the city.

Shopkeepers were worried about falling sales during the last two days. Many traders had decided to keep the markets open after 1.00 pm till late night from Wednesday but rains had dashed their hopes.

In random survey, shop owners complained that the demand for clothes was weak although Eid-ul-Fitr is only few days away and only few days left in digested festival to be celebrated.

They noted that the sales used to be on peak during these days before Eid when families traditionally buy new clothes for themselves and their children.

Whoever if rain continues they may not be able to achieve Eid sale target. The shops are flooded with latest garments for male, females and children.

The shops are full of new as well as traditional attires to cater the need particularly the teen aged boys and girls. The markets of city have abundant stocks of goods.

These goods vary from luxurious to household essential items. The showrooms have been made attractive with the display of goods. Some of the shopkeepers offer Eid discount to cloth to attract more customers.

Many shoppers had to break their fast on the streets amid gridlocks as they suffered immensely in waterlogged places.

People could not go out from their vehicles despite heavy traffic jams as rain was pouring in. Heavy monsoon showers have been disrupting normal life since Tuesday afternoon, creating water-logging and traffic jams in many parts of the provincial capital.

Many areas and streets of Karachi were submerged by rainwater as incessant downpour caused misery for commuters.

Beside other two days of incessant downpour meant temporarily losing out on their livelihood for hawkers and platform vendors. A vegetable vendor in the area, was one among the few who braved the rains.

“There is no point shutting the shops as I cannot save the vegetable for more than a day. Though the business was not even one-fourth of what I manage during normal days, it matters a lot as we would otherwise go penniless,” he says. -Business Recorder