Qandeel Baloch may have found her calling! Or not?

WEB DESK: If the rumors are to be believed, we sure have a huge one on our hands. It is reported that Pakistan’s self made social media celebrity, Qandeel Baloch is all set to star in Bigg Boss’s latest season.

Baloch is a self proclaimed celebrity, famed via social media. She has over half a million likes on her facebook page, and never mind the right and the wrong reasons for her fame, she surely has gripped everyone’s attention.

Quoted by some as “Internet Sensation”, Baloch has been heavily criticized by most because of her attention tactics. After few of her videos being viral on the internet, she was asked to be banned from social forum. While Ms. Baloch justified her side of the story, many did not agree with her.

Now a new rumor has circled around the internet that Qandeel is all ready to star in Bigg Boss’s new season. If there is any truth to it then the two are definitely made for each other.

Drama and exaggeration happens to be something common in both and therefore Baloch seems to do well in the show.

Whether it’s just a rumour or more than that, one can’t say for sure. But it seems Baloch is keeping a close eye on the news and is having a good laugh at it. “Rumours or True? Lol!” she wrote on her official Facebook page regarding the news of her selection in Bigg Boss 10.

Though Qandeel Baloch has not accepted nor denied the reports, she seems to enjoy what she does best, having at it at all the attention she is receiving.


Lover her or hate her, you certainly can not ignore her.