Price hikes overshadow Ramadan preps in Pakistan








As Muslims in Pakistan prepare for the start of the holy month of Ramadan, rising food prices on basic items have become a concern for many families.

Muslims fast during daylight hours in Ramadan and offer nightly prayers as well as study the Quran.

But inflation and price rises on essential items – such as fruit and vegetables – are worrying many families ahead of the annual celebration.

Meanwhile, sales in prayer mats, beads and caps have also increased as people prepare for the holy month.

“Everyone wants to use new prayer mats, beads at his home, while he offers his prayers in Ramadan,” explained shopkeeper Mohammad Shoaib.

Muslims follow a lunar calendar and a moon-sighting methodology that can lead to different countries declaring the start of Ramadan a day or two apart.

Traditionally, countries announce if their moon-sighting council spots the Ramadan crescent the evening before fasting begins.