Completion of three years of govt is testimony of nation’s maturity: President

ISLAMABAD: President Mamnoon Hussain addressed the joint session of the parliament today where he stated that only democracy could make lasting development possible, Aaj news reported.

The joint session of the parliament today was chaired jointly by National Assembly Speaker Ayaz Sadiq and Chairman Senate Raza Rabbani. The parliamentary session was attended by foreign dignitaries and the military leadership was also in attendance as the President took to the podium to address his audience.

On the occasion, President said that the successful completion of three years of democratic journey of the incumbent government is testimony to the political maturity of the nation.

This is reflective of the fact that the system is capable enough to sustain crises and take the country forward on the path to durable progress and stability, he added.

He said the government that ensures rule of law, economic development and provision of basic needs to the people can easily overcome all challenges including stabilizing democracy and reinforcing individual-state relationship.

The President said that he is glad to note that both the government and opposition are aware of this reality and are formulating policies to strengthen democracy.

Hussain said that it is now responsibility of each individual, class and institution to earnestly contribute towards reinforcing this positive trend.

He further added that the government, be it of any political party, should formulate such policies that democracy can take roots and the people lead a prosperous life.

Enumerating three-year economic achievements of the Government, the President said tax system and collection has improved, foreign exchange reserves increased, GDP has steadily expanded and this year growth has been 4.7%. He said budget deficit stands reduced, inflation controlled and the rupee stabilized.