Partly Facetious: Transgender people to get share of inheritance

“You heard of the latest fatwa? And need I commend it for highly liberal views and…”

“What fatwa?”

“Fifty maulvis associated with a little known Tanzeem Ittehad-i-Ummat (TIU) have declared that marriage to a transgender person is lawful.”

“Never heard of this TIU.”

“There you go then.”

“Excuse me?”

“There may be another fatwa which is the opposite of this one.”

“You know you simply jump the gun every time. One should learn to appreciate liberalism – so what does the fatwa say exactly?”

“What I said before.”

“No, I meant the words used.”

“Oh, the fatwa says the marriage is legal as long as the person has visible signs of being a male or visible signs of being a female depending on the claim I guess.”

“And who will determine that? I mean it’s not as if the maulvis themselves will look for the visible signs.”

“Are you being facetious?”

“Not really, I mean for a maulvi to verify visible signs of a female may not be appropriate so my question stands.”

“You know I was just thinking, I mean given that corruption is so endemic in our society there is a danger that money may change hands for a certificate confirming that visible signs…”

“Oh, can it! The good thing about the fatwa is that transgender people would get a share of inheritance.”

“Hmmm, indeed and speaking of reverse inheritance I pray that everyone has children like Mian sahib’s – they not only have the capacity to go from rags to riches but share the riches with their parents, house them in style in London, pay for their shopping in one of the world’s most expensive stores and….”

“And most importantly they are answerable to Allah, the Judicial Commission if it is ever formed and the courts if anyone takes them to court and the likes of you had better shut up.”


Copyright Business Recorder, 2016