Partly Facetious: The Viceroy of Vituperation Vindictiveness

“So the First Daughter said that she didn’t go to London to be with her dad because she can’t really see him suffering?”

“Well she didn’t say it as such, Saad Rafiq said it on her behalf and she simply endorsed it.”

“Oh endorsed it because she didn’t want to let on that the guy had committed a faux pas because let’s be honest children, especially daughters, do not excuse themselves from looking after a sick parent because their love of them is so intense that they can’t see them suffering! The Khan really looked after his mom when she was ill and…..”

“Different generation, my friend.”

“Oh you are so bad – anyway the First Daughter would be well advised to instruct the cabinet on how to deal with questions about why she remained in the country while her dad was undergoing surgery in London and…”

“She is very busy and doesn’t have too much time…”

“OK so her media team can brief the cabinet members.”

“Don’t be facetious anyway Maryam Nawaz did mention that her dad instructed her to stay behind and gave her some responsibilities and you can speculate as to what they are but she said that…”

“I don’t care what she said – don’t forget she also said on television that she has no property either in or outside the country and then bang! Along came Panama…”

“Look my friend, I know you are angry because she never invited you to the briefing on the Sharif administration’s three year performance but put yourself in her place: had she invited you, you would have asked embarrassing questions so what was the point?”


“And learn to look at the glass as half full…”

“Half full of what?”

“Don’t be facetious, she did something very good recently, something that her dad may not have done, and that was to compel Mian sahib’s chief VVV, to apologise in writing…”


“Viceroy of Vituperation Vindictiveness – Khawaja Asif.”

“I remember the days when Sheikh Rashid was Mian sahib’s VVV or was it Mushahid Hussain?”

“Talk present my friend, the past is past.” –Business Recorder