Partly Facetious: Ramazan in Pakistan time for profiteering

“Ramazan is a time for reflection, spiritual renewal and peace, don’t forget peace – peace within yourself and peace with others…”

“You reckon the Taliban are going to desist from attacking fellow Muslims in Pakistan, Afghanistan and need I add in the interest of peace desist from attacking non-Muslims…”

“You being facetious, or what? The Ramazan this year will be particularly hard because of the heat and the dust.”

“But you would be happy that in Pakistan we will be able to distinguish between fasts kept by the rich and those kept by the poor.”

“Yes and by those who hold public office, entitled to free government utilities, and free petrol and some staff to cater to their needs and…”

“Grapes are sour my friend. Anyway I actually think you have got it all wrong. Ramazan in this land of the pure is a time for profiteering – in those foods that are favoured during the iftaar.”

“I agree.”

“Spiritual renewal differs between different professions – in politicians it implies keeping to the straight and the narrow.”

“I don’t get it!”

“Attack, counter-attack, and denigrate, counter denigrate.”

“In this instance isn’t attack and denigrate the same thing?”

“Nope, cause the person who attacks is counter attacked and then the second tier of the leadership steps in and denigrates…”

“Oh, don’t be facetious. Anyway the bureaucrats are rendered busy with giving iftaar parties not to the hungry masses but to each other, and select media, paid for from their discretionary funds which are replenished by our tax rupees and the rich industrialists and farmers open the fast of the poor, those in the food business make loads of money by anteing up their prices.”

“And the general public?”

“Oh those, you can see them on the streets trying to buy the Ramazan foods before iftaar and complaining about the price hike.”

“Complaining or marveling?”

“It’s not the foreign exchange reserves from borrowing silly for them to marvel, it’s a price hike that is sheer profiteering, we could give rise to a form of market during Ramadan that is yet to be defined as distinct by government.”

“Dar sahib says…”

“He is not good at definitions, he is good at placing items where you can’t find them – look at his four budgets.”

“But in the event of a leak say…”

“Shush, you silly…” -Business Recorder