Partly Facetious: Qadri must go back to Canada

Writer: Anjum Ibrahim

“What is this? To restart the protest eight months later?”

“If you are referring to Tahirul Qadri’s stalled request for justice for his supporters who were killed in Model Town let me remind you that the guy needed to go to Canada, his adopted country, and…and…and.”

“I am waiting.”

“He had medical problems which required him to go home…”

“He looks just as healthy to me as he did before his departure…all the other players kind of look haggard from the Khan to the younger Sharif to Sanaullah to…”

“The Khan looks older and wiser after his second marriage and divorce, Shahbaz Sharif can’t convince his brother that Dar is doing more damage to brand Sharif then Khan and Bilawal put together and the heat and the fasting have taken their toll on Rana sahib and he will bounce back as soon as Ramazan is over.”

“Don’t be facetious anyway before you compare Qadri’s choice of doctors/surgeons/hospitals with our incumbent chief executive let me remind you that the generation that prefers to be treated abroad is still in power and once they are gone then…”

“Aren’t their children their heirs and haven’t they been forged from the same steel? And let’s be honest steel purchased from anywhere but from Pakistan Steel Mills.”

“OK, but I would like to make one observation about the old generation; according to Dr Asim Hussain’s confessional video the old generation bought a 600 rupee injection for 1000 rupees and when Dr Hussain objected to the then President apparently he was threatened with an injection now I don’t particularly…”

“Hey, I assume the purchase was made by the Sindh government and I ask you: if Tapi can make some money out of public money then why not! It’s not as if the patients would pay the extra amount and look at the glass as half full the injections were bought to ensure that the general public could use them free of cost so that would improve healthcare…”

“Tapi is the pipeline my friend and Tappi is the man who is a foster brother to former President Zardari.”

“Don’t be facetious… besides they forced the confession out of Dr Asim Hussain whose main defense in court would be that he was tortured into making a false confession and…”

“And that is the difference between Kayani’s tenure and that of General Raheel Sharif: Kayani allowed Dar to win the affidavit case by claiming he was tortured into making false claims about money laundering by the Sharifs, and he won because the Sharif led Punjab government in 2010 did not proactively defend the case, while General Sharif is not extending the same courtesy to Dr Asim Hussain but do not forget Sindh government belongs to the Zardis….”

“Indeed, the final outcome is not yet with us.”   -Business Recorder