Partly Facetious: No one believes his statistics anymore

Author: Anjum Ibrahim

“See I told ya!”

“Told me what? What in the world are you referring?”

“You do make use of the word what a lot… just goes to show how you ignore the where and the why…much more important questions I tell you.”

“Don’t be facetious, given how much you talk on an entire range of subjects how can I narrow down what you are referring to when you simply say told you!…and need I add that reminds me of someone who considers himself extremely important and before you ask who…”

“Before you tell me who let me commend Mian sahib – he above all other leaders of political parties knows exactly how to put his B and C teams, comprising of all those other than the First Family, in their place – for the C team members of his own party he simply doesn’t give them time until he needs them….”

“Ha, ha ha.”

“Why are you laughing?”

“By your definition that would make Zardari sahib’s party Mian sahib’s C team right? And Maulana Fazlur Rehman as well?”

“Right, but B team are those who can access Mian sahib or those who Mian sahib considers his kitchen cabinet members no more than a dozen or so individuals anyway when I said I told you I was referring to Ishaq Dar going to London to…”

“Frighten the little mouse under the Queen’s chair and no I am not being facetious you know no one believes his manipulated statistics anymore and so off he went to his only supporter the Prime Minister…”

“Don’t be silly, Dar didn’t go to the UK because of the small matter of claiming much better economic performance than is the case.”

“Oh, I get it – he went to brief Mian sahib about the meeting with the Chief of Army Staff and…couldn’t have done it by phone as phones are not safe you know…”

“Oh dear… but anyway that’s not what I was referring to when I said told you so….consider the fact that Mian sahib’s daughter is not allowed to visit him while the man we all considered as the heir apparent or shall we say deputy prime minister goes off to see him…what do you conclude?”

“And you said the what is not important!”

“The what was for you to conclude, it doesn’t guide the change in the status quo.”

“I see.”  –Business Recorder