Partly Facetious: Man is like a banana

“I simply don’t know why our federal ministers lie.”

“And that surprises you? How old are you?”

“I am simply saying that they lie even when they don’t really need to.”

“If you are referring to Rehman Malik let me direct you to his biggest fan, one by the name of Zulfikar Mirza, who stated that Malik was a congenital liar and…”

“Oh, you mean it’s a genetic condition?”

“And need I add, your English is as good as Malik’s, and your love of speaking English when Urdu would do just is well also rivals Malik’s.”

“Don’t be mean, doesn’t congenital refer to genetics… see I am focusing on the part after the con in the congenital.”

“Remember which country you live in! Congenital my facetious friend means habitual and I was not referring to Zulfikar Mirza’s comments on Rehman Malik and I wasn’t thinking of bananas or apples…”

“Personally I don’t like apples, bananas are good for the bones.”

“Why are you being so contrary? The saying is an apple a day keeps the doctor away, what does a banana a day do I ask you!”

“Some political scientists reckon that there are greater advantages to a banana than an apple…. you heard the proverb man is like a banana when he leaves the bunch he gets skinned.”

“Ah now I see the reason why Rehman Malik says he is eating a banana whenever asked even if he is eating an apple.”

“Oh you are too facetious for words… anyway I wasn’t referring to the Zardis when I stated that I don’t know why our ministers lie even when they don’t have to….I was referring to Ishaq Dar – during the post budget press conference he stated that he couldn’t answer questions because he had a meeting at noon and then said it was at 12:15 and…”

“Why then call a press conference at all! I mean he spent the half hour talking about the same things as during your budget speech, which he needs to be informed does not qualify as a press conference…”

“Right, but isn’t he the head honcho! I mean without the Prime Minister…”

“Nah, I heard a member of the First Family was to head the meeting.”

“Gotcha!” –Business Recorder