Pakistani celebs paid tribute to their super heros

WEB DESK: Fathers are daughters’ first love and sons’ first super hero. Father’s day have been celebrated all around the world. Everyone paid homage to their beloved fathers and regard them for their support and all the struggles they have made.

The Pakistani celebrities have paid tribute to their fathers with heart felt messages. The social media has been streamed with the celebrations.

With the old pictures and moving messages, Pakistani celebs have acknowledged the efforts of their dads. Have a look!




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A very Happy Father’s Day to someone I’ve been lucky enough to call Dad. What can one say? When a man has been there for you since you opened your eyes. He’s helped you take your first steps, guided you through life gently, taken care of you every inch of the way and still looks out for you every single day of his existence. What have I ever done for him in return to deserve this kind of adoration and love? This kind of support? Words fail me. I only have a ‘mere’ thank you and I love you endlessly to say in return. I hope I make you proud. That’s all I can strive to give you dear father. Thank God for family and even though everyone really does think their father is the best, my father really is the best. :) 😉 My best friend, best confidante, best listener and best co-traveler. Also, I’m feeling generous, I happy Father’s Day to all amazing Abbu’s, baba’s and daddy’s out there.#fathersday #amazingmen #walls #kerokuchkhaas #bbpr What an awesome campaign walls!!

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All smiles. #HappyFathersDay 💕💪🏻🎈

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Papa loved to chop. An hour before Iftari, he would line up amrood, seb, kela, and begin chopping. He would then invite the staff in the house to come sit with him and eat with him. He never asked, but I always knew he was fishing for compliments. “The chaat is amazing, Papa,” I would say, scooping up the fruits, and he would smile, because he had made it himself, and he wanted everyone to like it. These little things — the way his chopping sessions began half an hour before iftari — make me miss him so much this Ramzan. I used to say to him, “There are too many books and pens in your room.” And he would whip back, “I like my room the way it is.” Now, when I sit in his room, in the ghostly quiet, the books and pens stored away, I feel his presence hovering. #happyfathersday to everyone. #adnansiddiqui

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#HappyFathersDay #LoveYouDaddy #YoureTheBoss

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