Pakistan reiterates opposition to expansion of UNSC’s permanent seats









Pakistan has reiterated its firm opposition to the expansion of United Nations Security Council’s permanent members.

Speaking in the Intergovernmental Negotiations on Security Council Reform at UN, Pakistan’s Ambassador to UN Maleeha Lodhi said no cogent answer has ever been given to how the expansion of Security Council would more representative.

She said adding new permanent members would in fact have the opposite effect and called for comprehensive reform of the Security Council.

Maleeha Lodhi warned against a piecemeal approach and urged that the negotiating process must be member state driven aimed at achieving the widest possible political acceptance.

She said that all member states had expressed a desire for greater participation in Security Council’s work, as well as enhanced transparency and accountability of the Council.

The ambassador said the additional permanent seats will usurp the equal opportunity rights of other Member States of the General Assembly to serve in the Council.

How can justice, fair play, transparency and accountability be promoted by such an unfair expansion of the Council. –Radio Pakistan