Pakistan, India should work in their own horizons: Adnan

WEB DESK: Pakistani actor Adnan Siddiqui’s television shows have quite a fan following in India, and the admiration, it seems, is mutual. The actor feels that Pakistan needs to learn a lot from the way India’s television industry works.

“I am not very familiar with Indian drama shows but if you talk about Indian reality shows and the way they are executed, then there is no comparison. I don’t think, we in Pakistan, have reached that point where we make such big reality shows. We have everything taped,” says Siddiqui, who has worked in shows such as Mere Qatil Mere Dildaar, Kaisi Ye Qayamat, Ruswaiyaan and Vasl.

The 46-year-old feels amalgamation of talent from the two countries can be a good idea for global entertainment.

“ I feel that we can work together if we have a joint production. We can have directors from Pakistan, actors from India work together. That is going to be a big change. If I want to copy Indian style or India wants to copy Pakistan’s style, then that won’t work. We should work in our own capacity and horizons,” he says.

Unlike actors such as Fawad Khan or Ali Zafar, Siddiqui has no plans on venturing into Bollywood right now.

“I am not considering any offer from Bollywood seriously. I am waiting for my first movie to be launched and screened in India and all over the world and then I will reach out organically. I am already juggling too many things. I am into production, I am looking after my outdoor advertising, I am acting and of course working in India and being away from home. I just cannot take too many things, I have my plate full right now,” he says.

With inputs from Hindustan Times