Opinion: The First Nephew can become the First Son

WEB DESK: “Ayaz Sadiq, the Speaker of the National Assembly, the man whose campaign was run by none other than the First Nephew the second time around, hath spoken.”

“Don’t be facetious – the First Nephew can become the First Son.”

“Right, but till he does, it’s all up in the air I say.”

“Why do you say that? Just because Ayaz Sadiq says he is not in the running for the post of chief executive, which incidentally he never was…”

“Why not I ask you? Ayaz Sadiq would be like a Gilani or Raja Rental, easy to manipulate. Now can you imagine the current First Family trying to get Chaudhry Nisar or Uncle Shahbaz toeing any line – even if it be the straight and narrow!”

“Their success would depend on whether Mian Nawaz Sharif is in the picture or not.”

“I agree, anyway why do you think the Speaker boldly announced that he had rejected an application for a job that was submitted by none other than Captain Safdar, the Prime Minister’s son in law?”

“Captain Safdar wants a job in the National Assembly?”

“Don’t be silly, the Captain recommended a name for a specific job, and it may surprise you that when Sadiq got the file of that individual it clearly stated poor performance and therefore he rejected it.”

“Well, that’s the sum of it.”

“I don’t get it.”

“If you recommend anyone for a job in the assembly do you reckon Sadiq would even bother to see his/her file?”

“Oh dear, but I ask you: why make it public?”

“To show his impartiality and let’s be honest that remains suspect given how he conducts the proceedings of the assembly.”

“He is a PML-N loyalist, he owes his job to Mian sahib, he has to deliver to Mian sahib…”

“Precisely, but I do have one question: did Ayaz Sadiq check with First Daughter before he rejected the Captain’s recommendation and did he get clearance from her before announcing his rejection to the media?”

“I hear you loud and clear but is the Khan listening.”

“Where does the Khan come in?”

“I don’t even think the Captain was aware of his wife’s offshore accounts.”

“Hmmmm.” -Business Recorder