Opinion: Bilawal’s attack on Nisar

WEB DESK: “BBZ tweeted that Chaudhry Nisar’s grand design of becoming the Prime Minister has not come to fruition.” “This is not the first time that Chaudhry Nisar has been attacked by Zardis.

And though I do like his plain speaking a lot, and need I add even the Khan admitted that the Chaudhry is not a darbari (courtier) – a necessary condition for getting a cabinet position in status quo parties – yet to be honest there is no love lost between Chaudhry sahib and those he comes into contact with.”

“Agreed, but the same day Hillary Clinton endorsed BBZ’s dreams for his party’s performance in the next elections in a message not to his father, or his aunt, or the last PPP Prime Minister Raja Rental or even on his own account but to Gilani sahib who needless to add is no longer a contender for the post as he is not even a member of the National Assembly…”

“Precisely! Besides don’t forget Gilani was the prime minister when Clinton was engaged with Pakistan as Secretary of State so there is a connection.” “Right, but can I recommend to BBZ to shed the Z in his name.” “Why? He is as much his father’s son as he is his mother’s.

And that’s a good thing because whatever you may think of Zardari sahib he is a better reader of human nature than his late wife because he knows when to negotiate and when to walk away and when to surrender…” “You call it negotiate? I call it dangling the correct amount of sweets to sway…” “A necessary character trait of politicians in Pakistan that Mian sahib has allowed to lapse. Speaking of Mian sahib who wrote the President’s speech?

I bet you anything had Mian sahib been in the country he would have made some additions and deletions and…” “Contenders for his position are still in training, remember Benazir Bhutto was first under training with her dad when he was the prime minister, then she became the leader of the party with her mom, and let’s be honest it took her over a decade to get the party organised under her leadership…”

“See there you have it, I liked Kulsoom when she was negotiating the release of her husband from jail with Musharraf and she comported herself with great elegance and…” “So you reckon the same process will begin in the PML-N?” “I am not sure because the process really has to start after the trainee, if you know what I mean.” “Hmmm, let’s wait and see…” -Business Recorder