Mirror will tell your feelings

WEB DESK: Technology is not all about introducing new gadgets sometimes it’s just improving the old ones.

In this case we are talking about the age old mirror, the object which shows us our reflection would now tell us how we’re feeling, sounds magical.

Microsoft, one of the biggest technology firms has developed a smart mirror that displays all the updates you need before going out.

According to Daily Mail, called the ‘Magic Mirror,’ a nice name indeed, this device can recognize and greets users, reads emotion and displays the weather, time and other information, and foremost shows your reflection.

photo: business recorder

photo: business recorder

Microsoft’s Magic Mirror is a one-way mirror with a 23.6-inch LCD screen on the back that displays white UI (User Interface) elements on a dark background. The device runs on a Raspberry Pi 3 microcomputer and uses Windows Hello technology to conduct facial recognition.

“To power the mirror, we chose a Raspberry Pi because of its popularity, price point, support, and hardware specs,” Microsoft stated in a blog post.

As per Reuters, The Mirror’s facial recognition system can recognize up to eight different emotions, i.e. anger, happiness and surprise. Microsoft’s Cognitive Services Face API matches a person’s face to their profile, and enables the mirror to display relevant information to that person’s mood.

Izzat Khair, of Microsoft Singapore’s development team, told CNBC that the mirror’s facial recognition feature could also provide real-time information to advertisers on how people are reacting to an advertisement displayed on it.

However, the mirror remains in a demonstration stage, and its release is yet to be seen. – Business Recorder