Malka-a-Kohsar attracts tourist from across the country

ISLAMABAD: A large number of domestic tourists from different parts of the country have started visiting ‘Malka-a- Kohsar’ Murree to enjoy the pleasant weather with friends and families.

The resorts including Pindi Point, Mall Road and Ayubia have become the source of attraction for a large number of tourists.

Murree resort centres have all the necessary modern facilities for the people.

The Malka-e-Kohsar has a panoramic view of Kashmir hills and Rawalpindi city. Most of the families visit Murree on weekends to enjoy the holiday at the different locations.

A visitor, Dr. Ayesha Khan said “I had noticed number of things while staying at Murree last week the rates of the restaurants were too high, lack of benches at different points people urged to administration to work on these issues.”

Murree is the best place to beat the heat but the concerned authorities should take measures for immediate widening of the roads, which would help overcome traffic congestions, she added.

Pindi Point is a place of attraction for visitors where hundreds of people visit daily and view the beautiful view of Rawalpindi and enjoy ride on the chair lift.

A visitor, Maheen Khan said that Pindi Point is very attractive, as it had been designed beautifully.

She lauded the civic body for construction of such attractive picnic spots at different places. –APP