It’s Ramadan! Stock up on these foods

ISLAMABAD: Traditional Foods like `Pheniaan’, Bakar Khani and Doodh Jaleebi specially at `Sehri’ time are vital part for observing holy month of Ramzan.

Traditional foods are considered part of reviving Ramzan traditions.

A professor Ali Hassan said that Sehri should be comprised of hearty, healthy meal to meet energy needs for the day.

“I try to keep my food very light and full of fiber, proteins, and complex carbs. I also focus on traditional and hydrating foods as Ramzan is being observed during summer months in this year.In sehri I like to have ‘Doodh Jaleebi,” he added.

Alina a house wife sadi ” Doodh jalebi have amazing health benefits. It is a traditionally sweet dish of Pakistani culture. Our forefather were very found of this sweet dish.”

Jalebis are consumed all year round, but when Ramzan arrives, the demand for Jalebis goes higher. The hot milk poured over the Jalebis which makes mouth watering, tempting sweet dish.

A shopkeeper, Azam Ali told that the demand for `Pheniaan’ and `Bakar was also on the rise in the holy month of Ramzan.

A student Asma Zaid said,”I always have sehri with `Pheniaan’ or `bakar Khani’ with tea or milk because it is very light with high nnutritional qualities”