Guideline for a healthy life, Ramadan

The Holy month of Ramadan is the one which allows us to break from our regular lifestyle and get closer to the true essence of Islam.

During the entire month of Ramadan, Muslims fast every day from sunrise to sunset. This may sound like a great way to lose weight. But in fact, Ramadan is actually notorious for often causing weight gain.

According to nestle-family, here are some few ways to lose your excess weight in Ramadan.

Step#1 Avoid overeating

Eating continuously, especially between Iftar and Seher leads to weight gain. Therefore, one should have a light Iftar that includes reasonable food portions

Step#2 Chew your food slowly

Well, this may sound childish but a majority of us don’t chew properly, which leads to indigestion.

Step#3Have your soup and salad first

These are low in calories but make you feel full.

Step#4 Drink adequate amount of water

Drink at least eight glasses of water during the non-fasting hours

Step#5 Don’t add sugars

Have fresh fruits and fresh juices without adding sugar.

Step#6 Don,t stay lazy

Walk everyday for at least half an hour to one hour in order to burn the extra calories

Source: Business Recorder